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Bespoke Corporate Training 

Executive Coaching 

Executive coaching is coaching conducted within a corporate setting, which aims at helping executives and managers overcome obstacles, release mental blockages, think of solutions to problems and set actions steps for themselves of how they will move forward. 

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If you would like to enhance your learning landscape, then there is no better way to do this than adding a suite of e-learnings to your corporate training offerings. Or maybe you are a private school or education institution who would like to incorporate e-learning to compliment your current learning format.

About Louise Jane 

CIPD 7, Mental Health First Aider, ICF Coach, Time-Line Therapist, NLP Practitioner.


To date, I have coached high ranking professionals and CEO's from Europe, Asia and the US in various personal development and  business contexts. I follow the ICF coaching competencies which are very much geared towards a question based intervention. 

I have had 10 years of hands on experience in helping global organisations establish and improve their internal training and development strategies, as well as working with start up companies and individual clients all around the globe.

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