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Corporate Training 


I will work with you to create the perfect training, starting with the end in mind and looking at what you are aiming to achieve through the training. Once I know your end goal, I will tailor the training to ensure we achieve this. I will run through a training needs analysis with you, incorporate practical elements of enjoyable learning and then help you measure the impact of the training.

I offer bespoke corporate training for small medium and large businesses.


Training can be conducted online, face to face or a combination of both. I also design blended learning using a combination of face to face, zoom and e-learning.

Examples of training are listed below:

Corporate Training 

-Team building workshop 

-Conflict management 

-Emotional intelligence

-Time management 

-Personal branding


-Change management 

-How to coach in the workplace 

-Creating and achieving goals 

-Building self-confidence 

-Becoming more influential 

-Leadership and management 

-Building self confidence 

-Taking effective notes in meetings

-Social intelligence

Health & Wellbeing Training 

-Health & wellbeing 

-Stress management 

-Meditation for beginners  

-Develop your intuition 

-Honesty circle - developing deeper bonds with colleagues 

-Being your authentic self in the workplace 

-Oracle cards for team development 

-Colour in the workplace

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