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Executive Coaching 

Business Meeting

I have coached hundreds of corporate and personal clients over the past ten years and have achieved some outstanding results (see my testimonials page).

The key to coaching is to ask powerful questions. I do not offer solutions or input (unless I am asked to do so by the client). Coaching is about creating a space for the client to discover their own solutions. I am simply there to provide a platform for the client so that they are able to work through any issues they have and that there is always a solution.

When I conduct Executive Coaching, due to the nature of the type of coaching, the end goals of the coaching are usually geared towards outcomes like – making the company more profitable, improving productivity, increasing staff morale, reducing headcount. My experience in the Corporate world helps me to ask the right questions which are specific enough to lead to well defined actions but broad enough to make sure that all areas of consideration have been covered.

The format of the session may change depending on whether it’s a standalone coaching session or part of a series.

The format in a stand-alone session is:

  1. Discovery phase – where we explore what you would like to focus on for the session.

  2. Explore why you think this is an issue.

  3. Explore solutions.

  4. Set specific and measurable goals


Each session lasts around 45-60 minutes.

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