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E Learning 


I can create bespoke e-learnings specifically for your business or personal needs.

The e-learnings can contain text and images, videos, photos, official documents/ policies, voice over, and any other source of media that you would like.

I will liaise with you to discuss what will work best for you and your business or your personal requirements.

I ensure that all of the e-learning I produce are highly interactive and engaging, with imagery and questions/ activities or quizzes throughout the videos.

Below are some examples of videos I create for 13-14 years olds, to form part of a youth week away with their school. They were working on some key areas of personal development throughout the week and all had to watch each e-learning and complete the tasks set throughout the e-learning. Due to the age of the audience, the e-learnings below are highly visual to enhance engagement and focus, however future e-learnings I create will look different as they will be tailored to the specific audience.



Audience : 13-14 year olds – Conflict Resolution


Audience: 13-14 year olds – How To Be More Influential


Some of the topics I can create e-learning for are:

-Conflict management 

-Emotional intelligence

-Time management 

-Personal branding


-Change management 

-How to coach in the workplace 

-Creating and achieving goals 

-Building self-confidence 

-Becoming more influential 

-Leadership and management 

-Building self confidence 

-Taking effective notes in meetings

-Social intelligence

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