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Sarah Greenwood.jpg

Sarah Greenwood 
Senior Business Analyst

LinkedIn Member 

Over the last couple of years I've attended a number of Louise's courses that have been run in house. I've learnt something from each course. I thoroughly recommend Louise as a trainer
It's obvious Louise takes time to plan each individual course so that it's engaging (and fun) for each attendee using a variety of learning material and media formats. She also plans in time to reflect on your learnings and discuss with other attendees, so you learn from your peers and gain their perspectives.

Caroline Wortley.jpg

Caroline Wortley 
Director: Lean And Agile 

LinkedIn Member 

I have worked with Louise for a few years both as an attendee on some of Louise's sessions and also enrolling my team members on her courses.

Louise is a truly great trainer. Being a knowledge expert in her area, Louise is able to deliver content confidently and in a way that people can relate to. Her communication skills are next to none and she is always able tailor her approach to suit any audience. Her personable skills shine through making any interaction with her a positive experience.

David Blizard .jpg

David Blizard 
Senior Account Manager 

LinkedIn Member 

I have attended a few training courses held by Louise, such as the Emotional Intelligence and I Lead training courses.
The courses were brilliant and Louise's approach to the training has been so well received by all due to her professionalism and open approach. Inviting feedback and full interaction. I would recommend anyone to attend any courses she runs, and her insights to people and their personalities brings out the best in those attending

Sam Roads.jpg

Sam Roads 
Senior Network Engineer

LinkedIn Member

I find Louise very knowledgeable in the field of psychology, personal development and holistic therapies which can be applied in the workplace.

Being a regular attendee of Louise's training courses, it is refreshing to experience such well-structured courses that are also packed with vital information to help delegates navigate their way through life's challenges.

Whenever I speak to Louise I always walk away feeling energised and inspired and would highly recommend her contribution towards the development of an individual or organisation.

John Mclaren .jpg

John McLaren
Head of Onsite Search 

LinkedIn Member 

I attended a training course to develop my leadership potential. The training carried out by Louise offered valuable insights in to how I could move up to the next stages of management. Since then I've managed to put my learnings into practise and drive my team forward. I found the training enjoyable and informative.

I've also started career coaching with Louise, to help me focus on my future. She was excellent at extracting the information from me, helping to creating a path for me to achieve my end goals.


Richard Young .jpg

Richard Young 
Digital Experience Manager

LinkedIn Member

I cannot recommend Louise highly enough, she is a fantastic corporate trainer and coach.

I’ve participated in several learning and development sessions run by Louise they have all been thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial to me and the wider group. The continued high attendance at such sessions proves out the high quality of them.
Several of my peers, at varying levels in the business have commented on how great the design, preparation, content and delivery of Louise’ courses has been. Louise's support provides a great platform for people to grow on a personal and a professional level. 


Le Vu
Finance Business Partner

LinkedIn Member 

"Louise is an expert in Corporate Training and Life Coaching, particularly in the area of Soft skill enhancement. I attended two of her sessions which were 'Influencing with Impact' and 'Building Confidence', of which i have found tremendously insightful and beneficial. Louise is a true joy to be around with, and she always brings in a very strong work ethics and integrity to all trainings that she delivers."

Silvie Wright .jpg

Sylvie Wright
Expert Services Support

LinkedIn Member 

"Louise is highly professional, insightful and knowledgeable. She has so much experience to impart. Louise's delivery of training is of a remarkably high standard indeed, she is extremely engaging and approachable.
Louise is also a very personable individual; friendly, helpful, polite, and always smiling. Louise has a dedicated work ethic and is clearly passionate about her area of specialism, such a positive, motivated person with a fantastic energy glow."

Julie Partridge .jpg

Julie Partridge 
Product Marketing Director

LinkedIn Member 

"I sought Louise’s help whilst i had life changing decisions to make. Louise put me completely at ease and helped me find insights within myself that had been previously elusive.
I found the coaching sessions extremely interesting and inspiring beyond the reason i had initiated them in the first place. Would highly recommend Louise for anybody that is looking for results to a specific problem, is just looking to understand themselves better or is searching for ways to live their best life."

Adam Wilkock .jpg

Adam Wilcock
Creative Lead 

LinkedIn Member 

"I've attended several training sessions with Louise facilitating. I've always found those sessions informative, entertaining, well structured and thought-provoking.

Focusing on people and supporting them are definite strengths of Louise's, and that's clearly shown in her delivery of training and through her idea generation.
She's a great listener and I've seen her tailor her approach towards people to get the best outcomes.

On a personal level, Louise is great to be around. Her positive nature, enthusiasm and passion in her convictions, and generosity of her time in wanting to help others makes her a special person.

Keiran Surti.jpg

Kieran Surti

 Communications Executive

               LinkedIn Member 

"I attended a course ran by Louise and felt that she is extremely informative and keeps the mind focused, stimulated and engaged at all times.

The course I attended was one regarding mind mapping - I was able to take a lot away from this session and since then it has really helped me become more structured in my thoughts that help me on a daily basis personally and professionally. I am able to plan and prioritize better, I learnt to think slower and calmer which has helped my mind to be less flustered.

I loved the fact that Louise does not just talk at you and actually involves everyone and allocates time for group discussions and activities. I would highly recommend her as a trainer and encourage people to attend her courses if you haven't already done so."

John Van.jpg

John van der Greft
Leercoach Young Talent Academy
LinkedIn Member 

"Louise' sensibility, interpersonal skills and awareness on how both individuals and groups learn is true added value. Not many trainers truly master those skills nowadays. Besides the joy she brings her curious attitude is very contagious. Louise will never settle for less so the outcome is always sheer quality".


Preet Sachdev

ESL teacher, Thailand

“Louise has taught me that we are 100 % responsible for everything in our life including our thoughts and actions. After coming to the realization that I was on the wrong path, I now know that we can design the life we want. By having positive thoughts in any situation, we have better outcomes and healthier relationships. Louise and her workshop has given me wonderful resources and tools. She is a great inspiration and a wonderful woman!”

I would absolutely recommend her as a course leader and personal development coach.

Paul Mauriet.jpg

Paul Mauriet
Professional Life Coach
LinkedIn Member 

"I had the chance to meet Louise and enrol in to a coaching exchange with her. I immediately felt comfortable, understood and "in the zone" with Louise as she was carefully listening, empathising and was able to get me to understand my situation and connect the 'dots'. My own level of understanding increased significantly thanks to her. Louise is really caring, soft and a capable coach, its a real pleasure to work with her".

Claudia .jpg

Claudia Lui
Law Graduate , Taiwan

"My life become much more organized under the guidance of Louise! She's very patient, professional and capable. Thank you Louise for really making a positive difference to my life and helping me to find my direction. I would highly recommend this life purpose workshop to friends and family as it has been designed by a person who really understands the deeper meaning of life."

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