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Organisations And The New Earth

In the ‘New Earth’, organisations must be centered around the needs of the wider community and produce goods and services that are for the highest good of all.

The New Earth as described by Diana Cooper and Eckort Tolle is a place of freedom, transparency, community, forgiveness, harmony and psychic powers. People's bodies will be lighter and needing less food and sleep. People will communicate more telepathically and intuitively, cutting out the hassle of miscommunication due to semantics. Technology will evolve so that humans will no longer have to work, the laborious work will be done for us and we will have more time for leisure.

According to Diana Cooper, we are 10 years away from the ‘New Earth’ and are currently half way through a 20 year transition period from a third dimensional reality to a fifth dimensional reality. A third dimensional reality is dense, life is tough, our bodies are heavy with aches and pains, our thoughts are polarized and we live in fear. In contrast, a fifth dimensional reality is light and unifying with events and circumstances flowing with ease. Faith and an open heart are all you need to feel joyful in a fifth dimensional reality.

On December 21st 2012, a significant astrological event took place, known as ‘ The Cosmic Moment’. This event saw the end of a 260,000 year period known as the ‘Mayan Great Cycle’. This was the end of the third dimensional reality for those who choose to leave it behind. Since 2012, those who are on the ascension pathway have been raising their vibration whether they are consciously aware of it or not. This may bring challenges of all types as our souls need to flush out old karma in order to make room for the new higher vibrations of love, peace and joy.

On a physical level we may feel aches, pains, ringing in our ears, headaches and a myriad of other symptoms as our bodies adjust to the increased light quotient coming from mother Earth and the cosmos.

The structure of society has changed dramatically over the past three years, with conventional institutions like the church, banks, schools, the government and the legal system being stretched and tested as a new generation of youth are rising up against the status quo.

‘Stakeholder capital’ is replacing ‘shareholder capital’ leading to a redistribution of opportunities and empowerment for those previously oppressed. To usher in the New Earth, organiastions must be dedicated to holding higher values and awakening to the important role that they play in this ascension.

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