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What is Learning and Development?

Updated: Mar 14

What is learning and development? Learning and development commonly referred to as training and development, is organizationally part of HR. The goal of Learning and development is to align employee goals and performance with that of the organization’s. Those responsible for learning & development within an organization must identify skill gaps among employees and teams then develop and deliver training to bridge those gaps. Typically Learning and Development teams are led by the Learning & Development Manager. The Learning & Development Manager is responsible for developing and implementing an organization’s learning strategy. In the modern workplace, these duties can include a wide arrange of responsibilities that are both theoretically as well as technologically driven and managerial in nature:

  • Develop and implement learning strategies and programs that meet business needs

  • Evaluate organizational as well as individual employee development needs

  • Ensure alignment of learning & development department with business goals

  • Optimize training processes to improve ROI

  • Manage and procure L&D technologies to facilitate learning and management of learning initiatives

  • Design eLearning courses, interactive group training, and other training content

  • Implementing effective training methods

  • Manage personnel within the learning & development department

  • Maintaining the learning & development budget within an organization

  • Championing and marketing training programs to get managerial buy-in as well as employee commitment

The learning & development manager is central to ensuring that employees are able to successfully meet the challenges of their jobs and that they are properly aligned with the business goals of the company.

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